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Why It’s Important To Remove Your Dog’s Dental Plaque

NB: This article has been specially written for the by Dr. Abdul Basit Javed (DVM, RVMP) Dental hygiene is the most crucial component of a dog's general health, and one of the most common problems in dogs is dental plaque. Removal of dental plaque is very important in dogs ...

Most Friendly Dog Breeds

In this modern era, dogs are no longer just considered a man's best friend; instead, they are now regarded as members of the family because they provide us with endless devotion, love, and affection. Overall, Bulldogs, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and a few other breeds are ...

Dog Friendly Hotel Chains

Finding a hotel that will welcome both you and your furry friend can be tricky. That's why we've put together a list of the best dog friendly hotel chains in the States.

Dog Friendly Treats

Loving, loyal and always thrilled to see their owners, dogs are recognized as being man’s best friend for a reason. Plus, they make great companions for walks and hikes. But what about when it’s time for a treat? Are there any healthy dog friendly treats that you can give your furry friend without ...

Best Dog Friendly Food

When choosing the best dog friendly food, you should keep a few things in mind. Ingredients of Best Dog Friendly Food: First, you should look for a food that is high in quality protein. Protein is an essential part of your dog's diet, and it should make up at least 30% of their food. Dogs ...

How To Train Your Dog

It’s necessary to practice a positive dog training. In fact, positive animal training covers two important point, namely disregarding bad behavior and encouraging good behavior.

Where to Begin With Pitbull Breeding

Before you start breeding, know where your intentions are beforehand. Dog breeding is an exciting and challenging process that takes heart, care, and a special bond with your animals to ensure that you breed responsibly and selectively. Many people consider it an art, which explains its ...

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