How to Prepare For a New Pitbull Puppy

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There are certain factors that you need to consider prior to bringing home your new pitbull puppy.

caring-for-pitbullBringing home a new American pit bull terrier puppy is a joyous event. For one, you’re gaining a lifelong companion that will look up to you for guidance to thrive. You’re also bringing home a fistful of responsibilities that you are mandatory for the health and safety of your new friend. Here are some tips on how you can get a head start.


Prior to bringing home your new bully pitbulls, you’ll want to make sure that your home is an ideal setting for a dog. Where is your dog going to use the bathroom? Where is he going to eat and sleep? Are there objects that your pup can easily choke on? Ask yourself these questions and more, because the moment your puppy walks into your home, he’s going to get a feel for his surroundings.

Designated Rooms

Once he becomes accustomed to your home, make sure that you designated specific areas for him to be in and not to be in. Restricted need to be made known to your pup. Curiosity is something that a dog naturally drifts toward, and it could be in an area where you don’t want your pit bull to be in. Naturally, you’ll want to block these areas off, or at least close the door to that section of the room. He’ll eventually learn that there are areas that are completely off-limits and hesitate before entering. Remember, scolding your pup will only make him fear you and could cause him to act irrationally. Treat him with love and respect at all times, and he’ll learn to listen.


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