How to Properly Manage Medication for Your Pit Bull


It’s important that your pit bull receives all the necessary medication that he or she needs.

In the case of pit bull breeders, they understand how to properly manage and care for a pit bull to maximize their lifestyle. Owners on the other hand, may lack the proper knowledge needed when they first bring home their new family pet. Now it’s important that you read up as much as you can about proper pit bull care, as they require attention, love, and care – especially when it comes to medication and healthcare. Here are some tips that will help you get on the right track.

Medication and other Supplements

During pit bull breeding, many of the breeders will give their once-a-day medication during evening meals. This why many of them will feed their dogs once a day – even though they will eat their meals quickly and completely. Now, there are few medications that can’t be given with food. The best way to give these pills is to crush them into a powder and mix it into the food. Capsule can be opened and the powder can be easily sprinkled into the food. Now, be sure to put in a little warm water over the food so your pit bull doesn’t immediately notice it.

When it comes to ear ointments or other medications that are applied to the body, dinner time is a great time to apply them while your dog is busy chowing down. If your dog is more of a fussy eater and refuses to eat the medicated food, try slipping the pill into a wad of peanut butter or a square of cheese. Peanut butter is a great option because of its viscosity and overwhelming flavor. Your dog may not even notice the difference.

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