Why It’s Important To Remove Your Dog’s Dental Plaque

NB: This article has been specially written for the Dogfriendlydirectory.com by Dr. Abdul Basit Javed (DVM, RVMP)

Dental hygiene is the most crucial component of a dog’s general health, and one of the most common problems in dogs is dental plaque. Removal of dental plaque is very important in dogs since it can lead to many dental health issues over time.

Dental plaque is a sticky, yellowish deposit that forms on the teeth. Dental plaque is a combination of food particles, bacteria, and dog saliva. It is critical to remove dental plaque from your dog’s teeth regularly because it can solidify over time and develop into dental tartar.

If you’re concerned about the buildup of dental plaque on your dog’s teeth and can’t figure out how to get rid of it, this article is for you. To help you remove the dental plaque from your dog’s teeth, our small animal veterinarian has put together easy tips that every dog parent must know, so read on.

Why Is It Important To Remove Your Dog’s Dental Plaque?

The following are some of the reasons why you should routinely remove dental plaque from your dog’s teeth:

Bad breath in dogs is caused by dental plaque, which is very undesirable.

Plaque on the teeth can cause gingivitis, or inflamed gums.

Discolored teeth

The incidence of periodontal diseases and tooth loss will increase if dental plaque is not removed.

A tooth abscess is another common condition that can develop when dental plaque is not removed on a regular basis in dogs.

Tips For The Removal Of Dental Plaque In Dogs

Following are some of the easy and less expensive tips to remove dental plaque in dogs:


Plaque buildup in dogs can be significantly reduced by including vegetables like carrots in the diet of your dog. These vegetables are also a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals for dogs.

Dental chews

Dental chews with a textured surface are an inexpensive and simple solution for removing dental plaque in dogs.

Raw bones

Since raw bones have a naturally rough surface, they also help dogs’ teeth grow stronger and act as natural plaque removers. Make sure the bone you give your dog is big enough that it cannot be swallowed.

Dry Dog Food

One of the best ways to remove dental plaque in dogs is by feeding them kibble. If your dog enjoys kibble, you should feed it to them because it will considerably enhance their dental health while also removing plaque from their teeth.

VOHC approved diet

The VOHC or Veterinary Oral Health Council, has given its approval to a number of dog diets that considerably lower plaque levels. Therefore, if your pooch has dental plaque, I would advise giving VOHC-approved dog foods.

Regular teeth brushing

Brushing your dog’s teeth is the simplest and most cost-effective technique to remove dental plaque. If you are unable to brush your dog’s teeth every other day, I would recommend doing so at least once a week.

VOHC-approved water additives

VOHC has developed numerous water additives that help to reduce the bacterial count in your dog’s drinking water and improve its oral hygiene by reducing plaque development without having any negative impact on your furry friend’s health.

Regular dental examinations

Regular dental checkups at the vet are strongly advised once a year or after every six months. Because proper dental cleaning is performed during these visits, which may include dental scaling, a method used to eliminate dental plaque and tartar.

Veterinarians can remove all the plaque and tartar that would otherwise be impossible to remove, such as with a toothbrush, despite the fact that this can be an expensive process.


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