Moving to a New State with a Dog? Here’s What You Need to Know

Moving to a new state can be an exciting, yet stressful experience. It’s important to make sure your dog is prepared for the move as well. Here is a list of tips we have compiled that will help make the transition easier.

Keep Your Pet’s Vaccinations Up-to-Date

Moving your dog across state lines can be a stressful process, but it’s important to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. Some states may require extra vaccinations based on your dog’s breed, so it is best to double-check beforehand. Also, make sure to check local animal shelters and rescue organizations for any additional health requirements.

Move to a Walkable Neighborhood

Moving to a new city is an exciting experience for you and your pet. Look for a home that has a high walk score so that it’s easy to access trails, parks, beaches, and other outdoor activities like dog parks. This will provide your pet with the exercise they need while also providing them with mental stimulation and socialization opportunities.

Learn the Local Pet Laws

Moving to a new state can be both exciting and daunting. Be sure to research local laws before you make the move – some states may have specific legislation regarding pets, while others may not allow them at all. Understanding legal restrictions beforehand will save future headaches and trouble when it comes to owning a pet in your new state.

Locate a New Veterinarian

Finding a new veterinarian for your pet prior to moving is essential for their health and safety. Research veterinary clinics in the area that specialize in treating pets like yours, and ask friends who live nearby for recommendations. If possible, try scheduling an appointment ahead of time so all records can be transferred quickly when needed.

Explore Travel Options

When traveling with your pet, it pays to get creative. Airlines offer pet-friendly flights complete with carriers and amenities like food/water bowls and toys. Plus, car rental companies offer discounts on cars specifically used for transporting pets.

Buy the Highest-Quality Pet Products

When it comes to traveling with your pet, read expert pet care advice and purchase items such as carriers, beds, and toys that are highly rated by consumers and experts. These products tend to last longer in different weather conditions and may include features designed to keep your furry friend comfortable and safe throughout the trip. This can reduce overall stress for both you and your pet.

Bring Along Favorite Items

When packing up for an adventure, don’t forget to bring your pet’s favorite items like a treat, blanket, or toy. It’s a great way to make your furry friend feel comfortable and remind them that you are there with them no matter what happens. These items serve as a comforting “security blanket” for both of you.

Keep Calm and Relaxed

Moving can be a stressful and anxious experience for both humans and animals. Keep in mind that your dog can pick up on your stress. Taking breaks throughout the day to focus on yourself, spend time together, and find healthy outlets will make the transition much smoother. Playing fetch or going on walks are great ways to increase calmness and enjoy quality time during this tricky process.

Moving with pets can be stressful. Start by finding a new home in a walkable neighborhood. To make sure you and your pet are both taken care of during the process, it’s important to confirm vaccination records and purchase only the highest-rated gear available. Additionally, bringing familiar items from home can help create a feeling of security in unfamiliar territory. By following these tips, everyone planning on relocating their furry friends should feel less stressed and confident knowing they’ll have support every step of the way.

Article posted by Lily and Evan Little of Married With Dogs

Image: Pexels

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