Where to Begin With Pitbull Breeding

Before you start breeding, know where your intentions are beforehand.

Pit-bull puppy

Dog breeding is an exciting and challenging process that takes heart, care, and a special bond with your animals to ensure that you breed responsibly and selectively. Many people consider it an art, which explains its popularity throughout the century. However, breeding is also time consuming, expensive, and can be stressful as well. If you’re ready to take the next step in pit bull breeding, this article will help you get started.

Why Are You Breeding?

As a novice, it’s important to understand that the underlying purpose for pit bull breeders is to improve the breed – not increase its numbers. Begin by devoting your time to learning as much as you can about the specific breeds that you are looking for, their health and how to care for them, and about the rules of breeding. Start by studying your preferred breed’s standard. This is where everything derives from and is the starting place for all breeders.

Read and Research

Attending dog events and watching pit bulls in action can determine what pedigree you’ll want to focus on. Your local library should have tons of books regarding the type of breed that you are looking into and how to care for their well being. This is a highly important process as you’ll want to keep your dogs healthy and thriving in their environment at all times. Don’t jump the gun and start breeding without being armed with the proper knowledge. Doing so can result in harming, and potentially, killing your dogs. As stated before, it takes time to learn how to breed. Don’t rush the process, take small strides until you begin to get more comfortable.

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