Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Adopting a Pitbull

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Summary: Pitbulls make great house pets and are also loyal to the core.

Pit bulls are often regarded as a threat to society as opposed to a gentle house pet. This common misconception has discouraged owners from adopting pit bulls, which then lead to many of them being abandoned or put down. And, since pit bull breeding has become a staple in today’s culture, it’s quite alarming to hear that many of these dogs are being left by their lonesome because of their violent history.

Give Them a Chance

While pit bulls have had a rough history, their behavior stemmed from the harsh conditions that they had to live in – not to mention the abuse the owners put them through. Let’s be honest. If there were three things that came to your mind when you heard the words “pit bull” they’d likely be associated with: aggression, fighting, and violent.

But, like the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover” you might want to think twice when passing on one of these gentle giants. Despite the backlash that these dogs were subjected to in the past, they still thrive in today’s households because many homeowners look beyond their past and treat them the way they should be treated. This allows them to grow into their own and adapt to their surroundings the way they should’ve in the past. Naturally, they’re calm and obedient dogs that love to play with their owners. They’re also loyal to the core, making them a great house pet as well as a best friend. So, before you pass on the sign that says blue pitbull puppies for sale, consider that they actually make great house pets.

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